Blue Cranium
Creating innovative technology solutions for the commercial, medical, transportation, space, and defense sectors


Blue Cranium LLC has established the business Comsat Architects as a trade name.

Comsat Architects

Established in 2014, Comsat Architects has matured into a high technology company focused on providing services in the creation of software, engineering analyses, and trade studies based on advanced software tools for clients in space, defense, and commercial sectors. Comsat Architects also actively pursues advanced technology development in machine learning and software defined networking.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance the connectivity between Earth and space for civil, defense, and commercial space enterprises, through our high quality and cost-efficient services, development of advanced software, and technology innovation.

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Educational Outreach

Blue Cranium LLC is committed to mentoring the next generation work force and promotes continuing education.

Educational Partners

Blue Cranium LLC DBA Comsat Architects currently partners with several Ohio universities to offer mentorship opportunities to students.
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